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Rotary Oven-24 Tray Suppliers in Delhi

Arise Equipments India is a premier bakery equipment store that offers a wide range of baking equipment, including the popular Rotary Oven-24 Tray. This product is perfect for bakeries of all sizes, from small bakeries to large commercial operations, as it provides efficient and reliable baking capabilities.

Arise Equipments India is a leading manufacturer, supplier, dealer, and distributor of Rotary Oven-24 Tray products in Delhi and throughout India. They utilize state-of-the-art technology and the highest quality materials to manufacture their products, ensuring that they meet the needs and requirements of their customers.

As a reliable source of bakery equipment, Arise Equipments India provides a range of services related to their Rotary Oven-24 Tray product line, including manufacturing, supplying, distributing, and dealing. They are well known for being one of the best Rotary Oven-24 Tray manufacturers in India, offering superior quality and reliability in their products.

Rotary Oven-24 Tray
Dimension :- W-46" x L-70" x H-60" (Approx)
Tray Size :- 13"x 18"
Motor :- 2 No.(1Pc – 1.5HP , 1Pc - 0.5HP)
Power Load :- 2 HP
Burner :- Riello G-5 (Make Italian)
Gear Box :- Ultravario (Imported)
Metal Use :- SS Grade 202, 304, 310 & M.S
Trolley :- 4 No.
Production Capacity :- 175Kg/Day Dry Flour
Diesel Consumption :- 1.75 Ltr/Hour
Panel :- Automatic / Manual
Electricity :- 220Volt /50Hz OR 440Volt / 50Hz (As Per Order)



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