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Rotary Oven-18 Tray Dealers in Delhi

Arise Equipments India is a renowned bakery equipment store that offers a wide range of bakery equipment, including the popular ROTARY OVEN-18 TRAY. This product is highly sought after by bakery businesses of all sizes, from small bakeries to large commercial operations.

Arise Equipments India is a leading manufacturer, supplier, dealer, and distributor of ROTARY OVEN-18 TRAY products in Delhi and across India. They use the latest technology and the highest quality materials to manufacture their products, ensuring that they meet the needs and requirements of their customers.

As a reliable source of bakery equipment, Arise Equipments India offers a range of services related to their ROTARY OVEN-18 TRAY product line, including manufacturing, supplying, distributing, and dealing. They are well known for being one of the best ROTARY OVEN-18 TRAY manufacturers in India, offering exceptional quality and reliability in their products.

Rotary Oven-18 Tray
Dimension :- W-40" x L-62" x H-78" (Approx)
Tray Size :- 13"x 18"
Motor :- 2 No.(1Pc – 1.5HP , 1Pc - 0.5HP)
Power Load :- 2 HP
Burner :- Riello G-5 (Make Italian)
Gear Box :- Ultravario (Imported)
Metal Use :- SS Grade 202, 304, & M.S
Trolley :- 4 No.
Production Capacity :- 150kg/Day Dry Flour
Diesel Consumption :- 1.5 Ltr/Hour
Panel :- Automatic / Manual
Electricity :- 220Volt OR 440Volt (As Per Order)



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