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Planetary Mixer with 3 Gear-40L

Arise Equipments India is a leading supplier of bakery equipment, including the high-quality Planetary Mixer with 3 Gear-40L. As one of the top Planetary Mixer with 3 Gear-40L manufacturers in Delhi, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with durable and efficient equipment that meets their unique needs.

Our Planetary Mixer with 3 Gear-40L is designed with three gears to provide superior mixing capabilities. This powerful mixer can handle up to 40 liters of dough, making it perfect for commercial and industrial baking applications. It is equipped with a large, stainless steel bowl that is easy to clean and maintain.

As one of the best Planetary Mixer with 3 Gear-40L suppliers in Delhi, we understand that each bakery has unique needs. That's why we offer a range of options to customize our mixer to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need a different bowl size, a different mixing speed, or other modifications, we are here to help.

Planetary Mixer with 3 Gear-40L
Dimension :- 26”x30”x64” (650x750x1600mm)
Flour Cap :- 8 Kg
Motor :- 2 HP
Speed :- 3 Speed (Slow, Medium, Fast)
Standard Attachment :- Whisk, Hook & Flat Beater
Electricity :- 220V (50Hz) or 440V (50Hz)
Metal Use :- S.S , M.S
Machine Weight :- 325 Kg (Approx)



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